«The music on board the spacecraft offers a very human touch to the project and at the same time provides an important educational aspect to the mission»
Mick Jagger on the Music2Titan project

«YouTube is proud to be a main platform for this creative and innovative Born HIV Free campaign»
Chad Hurley (YouTube Founder) on the Born HIV Free Campaign

«This artist's testimony is also a message of fraternity for the young people of the world»
Abbé Pierre on Emmaüs Movement's 50th anniversary record

«The result of this artistic and technologic challenge is wonderful»
Stéphane Richard (Orange CEO) on the performance of Chilly Gonzales and his quartet playing at the same time in two different places with a latency unique in the world, less than zero milliseconds

À toi de jouer

Paul Mc Cartney’s exclusive live stream 4 BornHIVFree @ Hard Rock Calling

«This reinterpreted sailor shirt symbolises the overall cause of this campaign»
Jean-Paul Gaultier on the T-shirt he created for the Born HIV Free Campaign

Mission Statement To create and develop innovative ways to improve the image and business of companies, institutions & artists we love.


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Born HIV Free campaign
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Born HIV Free Campaign
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Sources : Ogilvy, The Global Fund, European Space Agency, Orange

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